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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rock Music for Star Trek Fans: OK Computer

"OK Computer," Radiohead's third album, is a cerebral, melodic, dystopian portrait of the late 20th century.  Instrumentally many of the fourteen tunes are atmospheric and ambient, full of synthesizers, with multi harmonies, held together with a foundation of distorted guitars. Thom Yorke penned some beautiful poetry for "I Computer," and the lyrics are delivered as an emotional plea for the world to slow down. Released in June of 1997, we now know that the world did just the opposite. 

 "Paranoid Android," and "Exit Music for a Film" open with contemplatively jangily acoustic guitars. The songs build and grow solemn behind a backdrop of synthesizers and distant harmonies. In android the singer declares, "I'm paranoid, but not an android." The premise being that in the future not being an android may be the best we can hope for. The protagonists in "Exit Music" get a worse deal committing suicide rather than living under the thumb of a totalitarian establishment. "Let Down" and "The Tourist" are pleas for the world to slow down. Electionering is a spectacular composition with an intro that channels the Beatles, and an outtake that mimics the mayhem of a "Sonic Youth" song. "No Surprises" is my favorite song on the album; a song about a character who hates life, dying on the inside, but who decides it would be too much work to change anything. Yorke's lyrics frame the feeling perfectly; "such a pretty house, such a pretty garden." 

Sure "OK Computer" is somber, but the lyrics are poetic, and looking back at 1997, they were also prophetic. A top pick for any Star Trek fan.

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